C O – T R A V E L L E R S   –  K A N S S A K U L K I J A T                                                  14.12.2018 – 3.3.2019                                                                                                                      ARKTIKUM /  Rovaniemi  

The press release regarding the Arctic Ark project and Anu Osva’s art exhibition  Co-Travellers has now been translated to English:  https://www.luke.fi/en/news/same-genes-allow-humans-and-domestic-animals-to-survive-in-arctic-conditions/  

 Anu Osva, Tähtipölyä – Star Dust, 2018, painting+video installation, 170x300cm 



A R C T I C  A R K  – anthropology, genetics, physiology, bioinformatics, art

Last 2 1/2 years I have worked together with research teams of  Arctic Ark multidisciplinary project.  The Arctic Ark researchers study animals’ adaptation to the Arctic as a complex human-environmental process.

 Arctic Ark ABSTRACT    ENG, FI
Arctic Ark POSTER  authors: Juha Kantanen and Florian Stammler
Arc Ark posteri_Final_losslessCompression150dpi                                                                                                                    


 S P L I C E  – Re- examining Nature                                                                                                           Oulu Art Museum, 2017

 Kaleva newspaper on  Splice  exhibition:




06-27_yleiskuvaa_net   pohjoisnapa_ao

Pohjoisnapa -installaatio, Anu Osva, 2015  Vanha jääkarhulinna Korkeasaari, Grey Cube Galleriat  

North Pole Installation, Anu Osva, 2015, Old Polar Bear Castle, Korkeasaari Zoo, Grey Cube Galleries





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