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Linkki lataa tiedoston  selaimessa luettavaksi, suomenkielinen, 22 sivua, 57 kuvaa. The link downloads the file to be read in your browser, 22 pages, 57 images, in Finnish but artwork texts also in English.


———————- CURRENT—————————————————————–

Last spring I joined the multidisciplinary Arctic Ark  research team to work with it as an artist.  The Arctic Ark project (Arc-Arc) studies animals’ adaptation to the Arctic as a complex human-environmental process. I will participate in field work, scientific discussions and I will do my own artistic research. The outcome will be art works discussing  themes of the Arc-Ark research,  research processes and results achieved.

 Arctic Ark ABSTRACT    ENG, FI
Arctic Ark POSTER  authors: Juha Kantanen and Florian Stammler
Arc Ark posteri_Final_losslessCompression150dpi                                                                                                                     


——————-SUMMER 2015————————————————————–——-


Pohjoisnapa -installaatio, Anu Osva, 2015  Vanha jääkarhulinna Korkeasaari, Grey Cube Galleriat  
North Pole Installation, Anu Osva, 2015, Old Polar Bear Castle, Korkeasaari Zoo, Grey Cube Galleries




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