Plankton, paintings

Arctic and other  waters…

Cooperation between aquatic researchers and artists  started at the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station  / Helsinki University (69°03’N; 20°50’E) in 2009.  I have been  involved from the beginning. My artistic work has slowly changed and water samples and microscopy   have  become  part of my working practice.  Effects of global warming and  changes in biosphere of  our planet are among  reasoning behind most of the  scientific research in this field.  In artistic work,  my focus is in seeing and facing the lakes, ponds and rivers including seeing into the living water on microscopic level.

Anu Osva, Veden hengitys IV / Breathing of Water IV, 2013, 70x170cm, akryyli+puuhiili kankaalle / acrylic + wood charcoal on canvas
. _AnuOsva_Veden_Vartijat_I_NET_net   AnuOsva_veden_vartijat_III_NET
.AnuOsva_Veden_vartijat_IV_NET  5. AnuOsva_Veden_vartijat_V_NET
Veden vartijat 1-4 / Guaridians of the Waters I-4, 2014, acrylic, 90×200 c. 100x200cm, 90x100cm, 90x100cm)


6. Koskikara / Dipper, 2014, acrylic, 120×140 cm,



Anu Osva, Mustat helmet – Anabaena sp. 2013, akryyli ja  puuhiili mdf-levylle ja vanerille, kokonaispituus 10m Seitsemännessä osassa (100cm) on esitetty fotosynteesissä elektronien kuljetukseen osallistuvaa pientä cytochrome c6 proteiinia koodaavan petJ-geenin geneettinen informaatio värimatriisin muodossa,  ref. petJ geenin geneettinen informaatio Anabaena -suvussa,  Anabaena sp. PCC 7120 genome project (26.6.2013)
 Anu Osva, Black Pearls – Anabaena sp. 2013, acrylic and wood charcoal on fiberboard and plywood,  total length 10mGenetic information of cytochrome c6 coding gene  is presented as colour matrix  on the 7th plate (100cm). Cytochrome c6 is a small protein participating in electron transfer during photosynthesis.  ref. genetic information of petJ gene in Anabaena sp., Anabaena sp. PCC 7120 genome project (26.6.2013)



Anu Osva, Veden hengitys I / Breathing of  Water I, 2013, 27×85 cm, akryyli+puuhiili kankaalle / acrylic + wood charcoal on canvas

Anu Osva, Veden hengitys II, 2013, akryyli kankaalle

Anu Osva, Veden hengitys II / Breathing of Water II, 2013, 58×75 cm, akryyli kankaalle / acrylic  on canvas


Anu Osva, Veden hengitys III / Breathing of Water III, 2013, 40x55cm, akryyli+puuhiili kankaalle / acrylic + wood charcoal on canvas

Anu Osva, Pisara / Droplet, 2012, akryyli / acrylic, 95x100cm

 Anu Osva, Ephippia, 2011, akryyli / acrylic, linssi + lepomunia (Daphnia) / objective + resting eggs (Daphnia), 90x100cm