Red Rosary…


Red Rosary,with genetic information (human) 2005, oil on canvas, 19 parts, length 3-4 m

White Rosary with genetic information (human), 2003, styrox, acrylic colour, ca. 20 m
Glücksforscher, 2002, installation with paintings,  ca. 800 x 360 cm                                                                                                       exhibited: Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art  WAM,  Studio, Turku /  Finnish Cultural Institute for Benelux, Antwerp, Belgium / Passage Gallery, Cable Factory,  Helsinki


Questions to the Oracle, 2001
oil, 7 parts, diagonal 15 – 22 cm.
Ref.: Oxyrhynchus: P. Oxy. 1477 ref. 1148-49 in  J. Ferguson
The Religions of the Roman Empire, p. 152, T&H, 1970