Revisiting Siberian Villages

Anu Osva, Odotetaan – Waiting, maalaus /painting and video, 270×170 cm, 2019

In 2016 I had an opportunity to revisit Sakkyryr and Kustur villages and city of Yakutsk in Sakha Republic (former Yakutia). I travelled together with a multidisciplinary research team from Finland.

These works are outcome of time I spent there with Yakutian cattle and Yakutian horses.  In these two rather big artworks  I combine mute video  with  traditional painting.  


Anu Osva, Tähtipölyä -Star Dust, maalaus/painting and video, 170x300cm, 2019


2019 Arctic Centre, Rovaniemi                                                                                                  2019 Mänttä Art Festival, Mänttä                                                                                            2019 Solu Space/Bioart Society, Helsinki 2019